John Baldacci, Angus King, Deval Patrick, Paul LePage and Bill Nemitz.

Since SSR started searching for shipwrecks it has tried to keep local government informed and up to date with it’s projects. It has always been SSR’s intent to bring whatever was recovered back to the state of Maine to put on display for all to see and enjoy.  We also knew that with each successful recovery there would be a huge benefit to the state both in taxes and income from displays.



Several times I tried to speak with Gov. Baldacci about our projects and the benefit it could bring to the state. He never would discuss it.


Angus King

While working in the Florida Keys on the Deliverance project I met with Gov. King and told him of our plan to build a shipwreck aquarium here in Maine with the wreck of the Notre Dam De Deliverance. Besides the tax revenue of millions of dollars to the state a world class aquarium would draw tourists from around the world. We needed the states help in securing Florida’s help in fighting off the Spanish governments claim. Gov. King contacted the Gov. of Florida asking for that help. Turned out Spain has way more lawyers and money than we did! Thank you Gov. King.


Just prior to the election, Mr. LaPage called me and wanted to discuss our projects. He seemed very sincere and had heard of a couple of our projects that could benefit the state of Maine. We spoke for 45 minutes and he assured me that “when” he won the election we would meet in person and see what the state could do to help us with the Port Nicholson Project. He said that with a project like ours the benefit to the state and it’s people would be fantastic. I tried to contact him through the Governors office several times but could never reach him again.


Deval Patrick

Since no help was coming from Maine I met with Gov. Patrick of Ma. and we spoke about the PN project and what it could mean for any state that received it’s cargo. he told me to contact his office and set up a meeting with him to see what the state of Ma. could do to help. Again we were put aside.

We also worked with Senator Susan Collins office for many years. They helped us many times dealing with the Haitian government. There were others but I’m sure you get the drift with these…..

We are a small Maine company trying to fight off big countries with big legal budgets and big law firms. We thought if we had backing from our states or at least support we could overcome the big legal battles.  We tried…..


Bill Nemitz

On a side note, Bill Nemitz spent over a month with me both traveling to Florida to set up extra aid for our Haitian mission as well as aboard our ship on the voyage to Haiti. I got to know Bill very well and he also got to know me. Ask yourself, when the media was pounding me in the press, why didn’t they interview Bill? The Press Herald ran many stories but not one word from Bill. Makes me wonder…..

2 thoughts on “John Baldacci, Angus King, Deval Patrick, Paul LePage and Bill Nemitz.

  1. A exploração de naufrágios além de exigir alto investimento tem a parte legal. O problema é maior devido a legislação “absurda” na minha opinião feita pela Unesco, onde permite que países possam reivindicar a posse de bens submersos; mesmo estes sendo localizados em mar territorial em outros países. É claro que a lei incide sobre os países que concordaram em assinar essa convenção. Aqueles que não assinaram estão livres desse absurdo, uma reivindicação sem nexo, vários países, especialmente europeus, após explorar durante séculos suas colonias no além mar, querem se apropriar desses achados, uma clara demonstração de ganancia e ferindo a soberania territorial marítima de outras nações. Um exemplo de hipocrisia, pois só reclamam a posse desses naufrágios quando existem tesouros e bens valiosos. Tem milhões a bordo? A briga é certa, quer um exemplo? O navio negreiro, que carregava escravos encontrado na costa da Africa? Alguém brigou por ele? Não, já sabe porque…

  2. Dear Shiprex,
    I have had the same resistance when it comes to finding lost treasure. It is my belief (and only a belief) that there is something that could change the history of our natiob drastically. One of the treasures I was after (and believe I know its location) could allow Mexico to reclaim part of the United States as its’ own property and possibly increase tensions between the two nations. All of my requests have fallen on listening yet deaf ears to see what we find. This is one of the reasons Archaeologists are controlled by Government entities. In Florida, one cannot go treasure hunting without an Archie by their side. Its not hostory they are after….it’s what the historic items might bring about. I am working on gathering needed materials to go and do my own hunt in the Atlantic. Someday, I might get that chance.

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