About Sub Sea Research

Sub Sea Research has researched shipwrecks worldwide for many years and has developed a comprehensive database of well over 150,000 shipwrecks. Some of these shipwrecks are very historical in nature, such as the “Oxford” the flagship of the feared pirate “Henry Morgan”, while others were Spanish Galleons carrying tons of treasure. Sub Sea has worked on several historic and valuable sites along the Haitian coast, and has well over another dozen located and waiting for survey and recovery.

Sub Sea is currently working on the SS Port Nicholson, a wreck believed to be carrying one of the richest cargos on the planet. Our series “The Port Nicholson Experience” available exclusively on shiprex.net will document our efforts.


Data Acquisition
Marine Archaeology
Magnetometer Surveying – Ferrous Metal
Pulse Detection – Non-Ferrous Metal
R.O.V. System (Hi resolution Undersea Color Video) To 1000′
Sonar Imaging
Sub-Bottom Profiles
Submerged Ship & Plane Detection/Recovery -Insurance Fraud
Shipwreck Research & Recovery
Underwater Mapping
Joint Ventures

3 thoughts on “About Sub Sea Research

  1. I have never met Greg Brooks. Never even heard of him til I came to Lewiston looking to recover Pirate treasure. I CANNOT speak about Greg’s character…..but as a 30+ year treasure hunter, I CAN speak about the “troubles” he’s gone through…..I, too, have been subjected to what literally amounts to a “character assassination”. Do you know how to spot a treasure hunter who knows the “truth” and is a direct threat to the treasure sites of the Elite?? The answer to that question is simple, look for the treasure hunter is being being “assassinated” in order to make that person a “non-threat” to these treasures. (Yes, murder has also been used on many, many occasions). The ELITE WILL CREATE SITUATIONS that destroy the reputation of ANYONE who has this ability. People are paid to be liars if needed….yes, EVEN IN COURT where a Judge controls your very verdict, which I guarantee you is “GUILTY.”all because that Judge has ALREADY been told what the verdict will be BEFORE the trial even starts.

    If you can’t take having your life turned upside down/snuffed out….if you don’t have the cajones to lose everything and still be positive and move on…..if you can’t stand being alone because the character assassination has made you a loner, THEN do not BECOME A TREASURE HUNTER. There is NOTHING that the Elite hate more than for a non-member without their permission to be recovering THEIR treasures. And since the Elite also controls the Judicial System, ….guess what??
    Having said this (trust me, I could talk for days on this subject) I must tell you that my e-mail address at yahoo, while still active”, I am not allowed to retrieve my e-mails….haven’t been ever since I exposed Tucson’s Mayor (A Rothschild) as being in Tucson to liquidate the treasure rooms of the Missions that exist south of Tucson (three treasure rooms, though the mines number in the thousands around Tucson.

    It’s funny, I used to call Tucson the Treasure Capitol of the world. Then I come to Maine. Tucson falls back a few spots in comparison to the treasures of Maine. Some of these treasure date back 3,000 years. Yes, long before Columbus……..but pretend you didn’t read that last sentence.You see, the Elite hates anyone who knows the truth,

    Is that someone knocking on your door??

  2. Shipwrecks are great to find, but why look for a needle in a haystack when you can go to the very sites where the Pirates off-loaded their treasure ships?? Maine is “Pirate Treasure Heaven,” and if you can decipher the treasure signs and symbols that lead to these Pirate Accumulation rooms, then you can “see” the Pirate treasure rooms located on the rivers in Maine that empty into the Atlantic. I just moved to Maine a couple of months ago from Tucson, Arizona, where I spent 30+ years finding, photographing and deciphering the coded sign system that allows you find these hidden treasures. I think I was here for two days before I found the first site, which was the second half of a DUCK site (duck sites contains two treasure sites on one treasure trail). After finding this “second half” of a DUCK trail, I followed the trail back to the beginning, the Alpha, which just happens to be a Pirate treasure accumulation room along the Androscoggin River. Same thing happens in almost EVERY river in Maine that reaches the Atlantic.Each River Room was put there, on THAT river, for the purpose of supplying the Lodges with the finances needed to control the growth of Maine. In other words, Pirates used islands to bury treasure for “future use”, and at the same time supplied monies to the Lodges “as needed” by creating the accumulation rooms along the rivers.

  3. I will be living in Puerto Rico or Virgin islands this fall, 100 ton license, Padi Scuba……and 15 years doing seismic… what kind of joint venture can we do there?

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