About Sub Sea Research

Sub Sea Research has researched shipwrecks worldwide for many years and has developed a comprehensive database of well over 150,000 shipwrecks. Some of these shipwrecks are very historical in nature, such as the “Oxford” the flagship of the feared pirate “Henry Morgan”, while others were Spanish Galleons carrying tons of treasure. Sub Sea has worked on several historic and valuable sites along the Haitian coast, and has well over another dozen located and waiting for survey and recovery.

Sub Sea is currently working on the SS Port Nicholson, a wreck believed to be carrying one of the richest cargos on the planet. Our series “The Port Nicholson Experience” available exclusively on shiprex.net will document our efforts.


Data Acquisition
Marine Archaeology
Magnetometer Surveying – Ferrous Metal
Pulse Detection – Non-Ferrous Metal
R.O.V. System (Hi resolution Undersea Color Video) To 1000′
Sonar Imaging
Sub-Bottom Profiles
Submerged Ship & Plane Detection/Recovery -Insurance Fraud
Shipwreck Research & Recovery
Underwater Mapping
Joint Ventures

One thought on “About Sub Sea Research

  1. I will be living in Puerto Rico or Virgin islands this fall, 100 ton license, Padi Scuba……and 15 years doing seismic… what kind of joint venture can we do there?

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