“Sad News, a valued crew member passes away”


“It is with a heavy heart that I pass the news to everyone, Dave St.Cyr passed away recently”.  Dave has been in poor health recently and was living with his daughter Lindsey.

Dave was a trusted friend and part of the crew. He was a Wizz at welding and building anything you needed, just give him a simple drawing, and soon after, presto, it was done! He was a mentor to the younger part of our crew and always lent a helping hand. Dave was there when we purchased the Sea Hunter and he spent many days and nights working to make the ship what it was.

The Last Watch

It is told in the Bible that once the Lord was in the fishermen’s boat and a great storm came upon them, and the fishermen feared they would drown. The Lord said to them, have faith in Me. And thus it was they had the faith to survive. This same situation was and is repeated each day at sea.

No man has ever served at sea without knowing that each day could be his last and no one would even know where at sea he lay. No man served a day at sea without the knowledge that the ship he sailed might not survive to sail another day. But no man at sea let these fears overcome him. He knew his shipmates were beside him to help stand the watch, to plot the course, and to be the family and support we all need to meet and survive another day. They were his shipmates.

As each day ended, men at sea counted their blessings of a day well done, and to mark the end of their watch, they would toll the bell, the eternal mark of the passing of time at sea.

We honor our Shipmate Dave, as we toll the bell to mark the end of his final watch.

Well done Dave, well done. It was a great voyage, and you served your watch. We are proud to have served with you as part of the Sea Hunter crew.

You have completed your final watch, now rest in peace.


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