“The FBI returned everything, took them 5 years”

“I just picked up all my documents, cameras, videos, CDs, artifacts etc from my lawyers office where the FBI dropped them off”. It only took them five years!

Imagine this happening to you, what would you do?

We filed a claim on the shipwreck Port Nicholson. Britain filed a claim against us. After a long and drawn out court battle, and an expensive one at that, over a million dollars spent by them, we beat them. Then our researcher wanted to sell part of his share so he forged a couple of documents to make his share worth it to his buyer. Edward Michaud of Massachusetts, doing business as Trident Research got caught by the Feds, and to try to save his own ass he told them it was my idea. To bad it took them so long to find out it wasn’t me!

The federal attorney has no interest in pursuing this any longer either.

You won’t read it in the headlines either, but it should be! “Local Treasure hunter was telling the truth”

Granted, it took longer than expected, but we were so close to the end of the project….

So, the question remains, I still believe that the treasure is aboard, should I try again?




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