Time to take back what is ours!


June 14th, 1942: Darkness has fallen on Halifax, Nova Scotia. A convoy of ships, consisting of armed escort vessels and freighters, departs from port and travels south into the open sea. In the unknown blackness a German U-Boat lies, waiting off the New England coast for the convoy to appear. Upon its arrival, the U-Boat fires two torpedoes at one of the freighters. Both torpedoes reach their target and hours later she sinks, taking her contents to the bottom of the Atlantic. In the aftermath of this tragedy, there would be secrets aboard this sunken vessel that would remain secret for more than sixty six years. 

October 20th, 2006: Sub Sea Research LLC, a Portland, Maine based company, discovers something remarkable about the sunken ship. After scouring through captured German war documents, Bank of England records, and de-classified top secret naval war records our company discovers something about this ship that has been kept secret by both the U.S. and Russian governments for years.

May 5th, 2007: Sub Sea Research begins surveying many miles of ocean bottom using our 96′ research vessel and advanced underwater locating technology. After numerous days of labor, we locate a target we believe is the freighter with the secret that had been so well kept for over half a century. Aboard this vessel is a hidden cargo that was in the midst of being transported from Europe to the U.S. before its journey was cut short tragically. Included in the bounty are tons of gold and a very real possibility of gem quality diamonds . The freighter was never recovered by those who knew her secret because of ocean depth restrictions and an incorrect location noted by the US Navy. 

January 2008: The freighter in question is one of the ‘extremely valuable’ shipwrecks. Sub Sea Research is dedicated to finding and recovering ships with bullion cargo, plans to go after the extremely valuable cargo aboard this ship.

Over 3 billion dollars is waiting for us to pull up from the bottom of the sea!! Let’s go get it! We found the shipwreck, surveyed it, tried to recover but didn’t have the right equipment to get it at the time.  With the right equipment, and we know where to get it, it will be done.

Who will benefit from this recovery!

Maine – Taxes ( you can bet it will be a lot)
USA – More taxes
Charity – Feed the Children, Good Shepherd Food Bank and more, Haiti.
People of Maine
All those that help make this a success

It takes determination to be successful, the right equipment, the right people, the right shipwreck and the right time! And now is that time!

Do you want to be part of this recovery? What can you offer? Do you have shipboard skills? Marketing? Banking? Accounting? Legal? Web? Investing? and more, just let us know. info@subsearesearch.com

Don’t be one of those people that say “Sounds to good to be true” or “I have nothing to offer”. Together we can do this! It takes a team!

2 thoughts on “Time to take back what is ours!

  1. Congratulations Greg! Time to bring up the treasure and tell the whole story to the world. Your story, John Hardey’s story, the crew of the Sea Hunter, Son Worshiper, and the crew of the Port Nicholson. I am very proud to have been a part of this.

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