Welcome All Treasure Enthusiasts

The M/V Sea Hunter

Welcome to all treasure enthusiasts! This is my first blog post and I am so excited to share with you my experiences ( from a 50+ female’s perspective) working and living aboard the M/V Sea Hunter, a 220′ salvage ship. When people ask me what I do for work and I reply, “I am a treasure hunter” they look at me and usually say, “No Way! How did you get into that line of work, I want to do it too.”   Four years later, I wonder the same thing, how did I get here?

To really get the full picture, you need to go back over 20 years. My older brother, Greg  Brooks, ran a successful swimming pool business. Being the curious person he is, while vacationing and diving in Haiti, he came across something that caught his eye. Upon a closer look, he knew he found something of value. Having a feeling he wouldn’t be allowed to take it off the island , he pulled out his camera and shot some pictures. Back home in Maine, he visited the public library (computers were just coming out) and did some research on the piece. Well, lo and behold, it was a 70lb silver ingot! Now, can see where this is going? Treasure hunting became his passion!  He set his sites in a new direction and has never looked back. He started small, but with hard work, determination and some luck he has recovered some interesting treasures.

Fast forward..his company, Sub Sea Research LLC, was granted a federal arrest on one of the richest shipwrecks in the world, The Port Nicholson (visit our website to read the incredible story).  After raising capital he purchased the M/V Sea Hunter in Houma, LA in 2009. Along with a six person crew, they set out to convert and outfit her to do deep water salvage.

Here’s where I come in. Plugging along in Maine, Greg called me out of the blue to ask if I wanted to be part of the crew. He needed a full time cook and he figured I would be perfect for the job. Having followed his travels throughout the years, I was excited at the offer but knew I had to give it some careful consideration.  What did I know about cooking on a ship, being out to sea and living aboard with an unfamiliar crew of men.

The founder, Greg Brooks, will be posting about the reality of running a treasure hunting company and the day to day current events aboard the M/V Sea Hunter. His daughter Ashley Brooks will also have a post.  She will be telling the fascinating history of the company and all the trials and tribulations it has seen throughout the years (you will not be bored). My posts will be a bit different. They will be about my personal experiences and feelings working aboard the ship.

So, after today’s intro, I hope I left you with just enough to want to come back and follow my story. I plan on posting a  couple times a week. Please feel free to comment and/or ask questions. Thanks for reading…

12 thoughts on “Welcome All Treasure Enthusiasts

  1. Great intro blog and website; love the picture with the mirrored image of the ship on the water! I’m intrigued by your story and looking forward to reading about your adventurous tales of life aboard a treasure hunting ship.

  2. I am looking forward to reading more. I must say I am a little green with envy. But, I have my own expedition here in the Philippines. Did they find Yamashita’s Gold yet ???? Hehehehe. Please be safe and come home to Gorham

  3. Thanks Cindy! I love keeping up with all of the sub sea research adventures and what a great way to bring out the treasure hunter that is in all of us!! All the best to you and Greg and the crew Diane Schinella

    • Thanks Diane, it is kind of exciting reliving my time aboard the ship. I hope my memory stays intact (haha) so I can continue to blog. Thanks for reading and see you and Parker soon.

  4. Thank you both for taking the time to read this. Jamie, I know you’ve written some articles that I’ve read and you are really good so appreciate the congrats.
    Jen, thanks for the support, I love you too.

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