The life of a Treasure Hunter

Working the richest ship wreck in the world.

My name is Greg Brooks, founder and director of Sub Sea Research LLC. and Sea Hunters LP. My posts will tell you what it’s like running a modern day treasure hunting company along with updates on the Port Nicholson shipwreck. The PN is considered the richest shipwreck in the world today. It is estimated to be carrying billions of dollars worth of platinum and gold bars. This ship was sunk by the German U-Boat U-87 in June of 1942 off the coast of Cape Cod Ma.

My career in treasure hunting started in the early 1980’s while on a diving vacation in Haiti….more on that will be posted by my daughter Ashley.

In my upcoming posts I will inform you of how we gathered the information, located the target, arrested the wreck, obtained the salvage ship and the legal problems regarding this richest shipwreck in the world today. After 20 years of exploring the oceans around the world, will this finally be our big payday? Follow us as we travel this road that has so many twists and turns.

2 thoughts on “The life of a Treasure Hunter

    • John, the answer to this question is a very strong yes! Besides millions in silver coins, low alpha lead, lot’s of artifacts etc, the most valuable would be the experiences. Anything close to the value of the Port Nicholson? NO. But that will change soon.

      Thanks, Greg

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