The Decision

What did I know about working and living aboard a ship? I was the epitome of a landlubber? Having heard stories from Greg and his wife Kathy, I wasn’t sure I had what it took. My mind started racing with negative thoughts, what if I couldn’t do it ….or…… or …… I definitely didn’t want to commit and then not be able to fulfill my obligation. Having always gone above and beyond, this isn’t where I wanted to fail. Stop, I told myself,  what are you doing? You have always considered yourself a positive person, looking for the best in every situation and every person you meet. Remembering way back,  my mother once said to me, “Cindy, you aren’t seeing the real world, take off those rose colored glasses?”  Coming from a family of nine siblings (me being in the middle) with the majority feeling the same as my mother, I replied ” I can’t. This is the way I choose to go through life.It works for me.”

So with my rose colored glasses on, I started thinking about this once in a lifetime opportunity. I’ve always taken the safe route in the past, why not throw caution to the wind? ( I was talking to myself which is something I do regularly) You are single, kids are grown, you have a job that isn’t too exciting. What did I have to lose?  I got out the old trusted pen and paper and listed the pros and cons. When it was all said and done, the pros far outweighed the cons. As a matter or fact, I only had one real con. Being away from my family and friends, would I get homesick?  But I thought, when I returned, I would have some great stories to tell. So, with no further thoughts, I called Greg and said a huge YES. When do I start? Without hesitation he said he needed me there this week as the ship was about done and ready to steam back to Maine.(that should of been my first clue that things never go as planned).

This week?  Are you kidding? I was in the middle of a move, I had to pack, I had to say my good byes. My mind was racing in a million directions. Stop, I told myself.  One thing at a time. I took a deep breath and did what I always do. Dig in and get it done. I packed my belongings, moved into a new place and said my good byes, all within three days. On Thursday, April 9, 2009 I and was on a plane heading to Houma, LA.

The flight was quick and uneventful. So many thoughts were now running through my head. What would the crew be like? Would they welcome me? How would they feel knowing I was Greg’s sister?  What did I really know about planning, shopping and preparing three meals a day. It had been years since I cooked regular meals for my family. Keep breathing I reminded myself, it will all work out. After landing, I got my luggage and waited for Greg to pick me up. An hour passes and still no sight of Greg. My mind started racing. Was this the right decision? What were you thinking? Again, I pushed

The Decision

those thoughts out of your mind and reminded myself that all would be okay. Just then my cell rang. It was Julia Cote, Greg’s assistant. They were on their way to get me when they got two flat tires and would be another hour or so. By now, I was tired and a bit hungry so I grabbed my luggage and went outside the airport. I looked for an unoccupied bench. I found one off to the side under a beautiful shrub with bright pink flowers. I stretched out on the bench, closed my eyes and took in the aroma of the flowers. The night air was warm. It felt wonderful and my entire body started to relax.  It was that very moment I felt a calm come over me and I knew right then and there that all would be fine and that I had made the right decision.

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