Eye on the Prize

As Greg Brooks’ daughter, I have many memories of his treasure hunting company and how it has evolved over the years. I remember many of the previous crew members, and almost all of the ships they used. A lot of people ask me if I have plans to work alongside my dad, or to take over the business someday. I grew up with a fear of boats, which is strange since I was always on them. I never really got used to it. Nowadays, it is easier for me to put this fear aside and go out on the ship for a few hours. I love the company and what it stands for, and I love telling people about it, but I don’t think I would be capable of matching the energy of the Sub Sea crew.

When people hear that SSR is a treasure recovery company, they often think about the glamorous side of this – wealth, riches, and exploration. The actual logistics of getting the treasure – staying up all night for watches, steering the ship through high seas and dangerous conditions, and living in close proximity with many other people for weeks and months on end without seeing land or one’s family – are much harsher than people realize. Every time I go on one of the company’s vessels, I see crew members running around to ensure the ship and everyone on it are safe. This involves getting the ship underway, steering and checking radar, watching for any other ships nearby, and making sure all the passengers are safe and following the rules so they don’t get hurt. And this is just on the deck and bridge! They are in the engine room, fixing things and making sure the ship is working properly. They are cleaning, painting, and working on all the various equipment. They cook (often for upwards of fifteen people). On top of that, they are accomplishing any tasks they have to do so the ship can make it to the wreck site. Reading my Aunt Cindy’s posts and seeing all of the hard working crew members when I go onboard is very inspiring, and I have to commend them all for the effort they put in each and every day.

While the crew has changed a bit over the years and some people have moved on to other things, the ethics have stayed the same. Everyone comes together to work toward a similar goal. Each person might have a different background, or a different reason for initially joining up. I like being able to help out in whatever way I can from the shore, but for those men and women who adventure bravely out into the sea aboard the M/V Sea Hunter or any of the other ships that Sub Sea has had over the years, they are putting in so much effort and it is because of them that this will pay off. For us on land, it can be easy to forget all the factors involved aboard the Sea Hunter and how much has to be done to achieve that end goal. But if anyone can do it, it’s the Sub Sea team. They have been at it for many years, and their motivation is stronger than ever. Of all the history I’ve been writing, I think that we are entering a period in time that is going to be considered the “golden age of Sub Sea”, the time when they finally get the big wreck they’ve been dreaming of. The history of the company stands as building blocks for today’s success, and it is clearer to me than ever before that we are reaching an exciting time for everyone involved. I am looking forward to sharing these stories with you, and to see this hard-working crew finally reach the goal they’ve been so tirelessly pursuing.

2 thoughts on “Eye on the Prize

  1. Great job Ashley in all of your posts. I so enjoy reading all about what my nephew has been doing for so many years. Great job on the website as well. Hoping that all of your dreams come true and all the years and hard work finally do pay off

    Love Aunt Sandra

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