An update

After working on the Port Nicholson Experience documentary series for a few weeks now, I have gotten a closer look at the evolution of Sub Sea Research than ever before. We have gotten the opportunity to travel down to the M/V Sea Hunter and talk to the current crew, and see all the hard work they’re doing right before our eyes. We have interviewed Greg Brooks, and other family members close to him to paint the full story of how this company was founded, and what its future entails. On top of that, we are getting the chance to bring this story to your computer screen. Over the course of the past year, has aimed to tell entertaining and informative stories about Sub Sea Research and treasure hunting in general. We are excited to launch our new venture alongside the written tales, and believe that through this film we will be able to memorialize the great efforts of the Sea Hunter crew as they undertake their biggest project yet.

We will be releasing the series in small parts, so that you can follow the journey as it is enfolding. Next week we will unveil the first episode, which will tell the history of Sub Sea Research and what inspired Greg Brooks to start the company. From there, we will catch you up to speed on the current events aboard the Sea Hunter, and what the plan is as the crew begins their salvage season.

To keep up with this story even more, you can subscribe to this page or like us on facebook to get a message whenever we update the blog. Both Cindy and I will continue writing stories in addition to the video content that is coming soon.

Thank you all for being faithful readers. We look forward to this season as one that will go down in history for Sub Sea Research, and can’t wait to have you all along for the ride.

-Ashley Brooks

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