Meet the Crew: Dave St. Cyr

(This blog is about my experiences working and living aboard a 220’ treasure hunting ship, the M/V Sea Hunter)


I recently asked the crew to share some information about themselves. With their answers and what I’ve observed working and living with them, now you can get to know them a little better.

Dave on the Son Worshipper

Dave on the Son Worshipper

There are a few crew members on the M/V Sea Hunter who, in my opinion, are multi-talented, or put another way know a lot about many different things, and Dave St. Cyr is one of them.While previously employed by Freeport Conservatories, Dave, along with the owner and then captain of the Son Worshipper, Doug Pheil, was part of the crew to actually side scan over 144 square miles looking for the Port Nicholson. Having always had a desire to work on the water and actually being a part of the side scan crew, when asked if he wanted to come and work for Sub Sea Research, it’s what they call a no-brainer. It’s been four years and it is still his dream job.

Each day is different for Dave as he wakes sometimes not knowing what “hat” he may have to put on that particular day. He was hired as a deckhand, welder, fabricator, etc. Most days while the ship is at dock, you can either find Dave drawing up plans of something he will be repairing (always something on an old ship) or something he will be building from scratch. Once he has his plans drawn up and materials are ordered, he sets to finish his work on the deck. That is where he will spend hours a day repairing a broken item or welding a steel plate into a specific structure. While walking across the ramp from the dock to the ship, you are actually experiencing one of Dave’s creations. He spent a lot of time designing and redesigning the now metal ramp. It works perfectly with raised areas every foot or so to help keep your grip. It also has hand railings. This helps to keep you from falling backwards when the tide is high and the ramp is sticking practically straight up into the air (especially when you are carrying groceries). Once on the ship you can find Dave’s handy work everywhere.

Dave welding on the deck of the M/V Sea Hunter

Dave welding on the deck of the M/V Sea Hunter

When the M/V Sea Hunter or Son Worshipper leaves the dock, Dave assumes the role of a deckhand. This requires working with lines or rope. He will do whatever is required of him to complete the mission.Working and living alongside Dave (we are also the two oldest on the ship); I’ve had the opportunity to talk and share life experiences with him. There is no doubt how much he loves his daughter and two sons. They have been to the ship many times and he proudly shows them all that is new.

Though Dave has many talents, his love for photography definitely stands out! He has taken a few classes in the past, but I believe he just has a great eye. From the first picture I ever seen of his I became a fan. His camera is always close by as you never know when he may be inspired. It could be early morning as the sun rises or late evening with the city lights reflecting off the bay. I have a couple of my favorites blown up and proudly displayed in my home. As a matter of fact, one of Dave’s desires for his share of the money is not only to take care of his family but to open some photography workshops for those that have a love for it but cannot afford it.

The thing that stands out about Dave more than his welding or photography skills is his appreciation for my cooking. As he takes his favorite seat at the galley table each mealtime, Dave has never complained about left overs or the portion of his dish. He is always grateful for my making it and is usually the first to compliment me on a good meal, and that I can tell you meant a lot to me.

A picture Dave took while we were in Houma, La

A picture Dave took while we were in Houma, La

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