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All of our videos –

The Port Nicholson Experience:
Episode 1 – Greg Brooks
Episode 2 – March Madness Trip Part 1
Episode 3 – March Madness Trip Part 2
Episode 4 – March Madness Trip Part 3

Ship Clips:
The First Trip to Haiti
Return For the Silver Bar
Operation Uphold Democracy
Haiti Relief Trip

Previous Wreck Histories:
The Oxford
Bahama Wreck
The Porcelain Wreck
The Dragonfly Wreck
The Royal Tar

Port Nicholson Experience Trailer
“The Dream”

Meet the Crew:
Eddie Borges – Second Engineer
Zach Cox – Deckhand
Gary Esper – Captain/Skipper
Nicholas Grass – Deckhand/Diver
Joe Maloney – Captain
Brian Ryder – Chief Engineer
Nick Snyer – Deckhand/Diver
Dave St. Cyr – Welder/Fabricator

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