Time the truth was told!

Port_Nicholson_II_1919NOTICE: Looking for international based reporter or writer that would like the true story of the Port Nicholson. Not the one sided stories that the Maine press has written….. the true story is different. How the UK has spent a ton of money trying to get us off this wreck, how they are trying to smear our name, leak info to the press, and so much more. It’s time to let the true story be told! If you know of anyone, please have them contact us. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Time the truth was told!

  1. You have mentioned that you are looking for national based reporter or writer that would like the true story of the Port Nicholson is there any reason why this can’t be taken up by a British Newspaper you might get a result

  2. Hello Greg,

    After the salvage effort related to the Port Nicholson ceased I wrote a historical fiction novel called THE BEDDINGTON INCIDENT. It was based somewhat on the premise of, “what if” your salvage effort had continued. I added a fictitious intriguing back story of events surrounding the sinking of Beddington that with a stretch of the imagination could resemble the Port Nicholson saga..

    THE BEDDINGTON INCIDENT is published. Look on Amazon for synopsis.
    Best wishes with your effort to continue with the salvage effort of the Nicholson.

    Bill Flynn

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