The Murder of Sea Hunters


“It is a sad day for sure!” Today our beloved Sea Hunter was sold at auction for a mere $50,000. She was recently appraised for $2,000,000.00 as she set. With a little work, she would have been worth her 5 million.

The murder began when the US government told me not to do anything with the ship almost 2 1/2 years ago. I did my best to hold on to her, but could not afford to any longer.

First the British fought us for years in court, spending well over 1 million dollars and losing their case against us. Then the US Government suddenly steps in and seizes all our research, assets etc almost 3 years ago and have done nothing but hold on to everything. I still believe the treasure is in the holds of the Port Nicholson and the 2 governments do not want us getting it.

Today the murder is complete, the Sea Hunter is gone……the crew is gone….our dream is gone….


 It’s never too late to get the treasure! We can begin again!

2 thoughts on “The Murder of Sea Hunters

  1. You are all a true inspiration for others to never lose your dreams.
    When one door is closed, others will open.
    So do not go silently into the night, the people are supporting
    each and every one of you. Unfortunately, due to the government overwatch, doing the
    right thing is clearly the wrong way to go. So restart and operate
    silently and begin again underground.

  2. So sad to read this, Greg! It made my blood boil!!! I so hope you can get another shot at what you guys all love doing!

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