“So, you want to look for treasure”?

There’s plenty of shipwrecks right here in Maine! So, grab your gear and check some of them out! Here is a partial list of Maine shipwrecks.

A.F. Davison Schooner1926Off Grand Manan Island, NB
HMS Albany * Sloop-of-War1782Penobscot Bay, ME
Alice E. ClarkSchooner1909Off Islesboro, ME60′
AmarettoFishing1985Off Owl’s Head, ME120′
Angel GabrielGallion1635Off Pemaquid Point – Bristol, ME
Annie C. MaguireBarque1886Cape Elizabeth, ME30′
Ashmore *Barque1918off Grand Manan Island, NB
Bay StatePassenger1916Cape Elizabeth, ME10′
BohemianPassenger1864Cape Elizabeth, ME30′
CambridgePassenger1886Off Port Clyde, ME50′
Carolyn * Steamer1912Metinic Island, ME
CastinePassenger1935Off Vinalhaven, ME
CharlesSchooner1807Off Cape Elizabeth, ME
Charles H. TrickeySchooner1920Cape Porpoise, ME
City of PortlandPassenger1884Off Owl’s Head, ME20′
City of Richmond *Steamer1881Penobscot Bay, ME
Cora F. CressySchooner1938Medomac, ME
Cumberland *Tug1917Vinalhaven Harbor, ME
D. M. MunroFreighter1943Machias Bay, ME
D. T. SheridanTug1948Monhegan Island, ME
DefenceBrig1779Stockton Harbor, ME20′
Don *Excursion1941Casco Bay, ME
Edna M. McKnight *Schooner1927Boothbay Harbor, ME20′
Edward J. Lawrence *Schooner1925Portland Harbor, ME10′
Empire KnightFreighter1944Off Boon Island, ME80′
Emperor *Steamer1872Penobscot Bay, ME
F. C. PendletonSchooner1930sOff Islesboro, ME40′
Gardner G. Deering *Schooner1930sOff Brooksville, ME30′
GeorgiaSteamer1875Nor. Triangles, Penobscot Bay, ME
Gypsum King *Tug1906Off Grand Manan Island, NB35′
Hada County *Steamer1941Off Grand Manan Island, NB
Harkness *Tug1992Off Matinicus Island, ME100′
Hartwelson *Freighter1943Off Boothbay, ME30′
Helen B. CrosbySchooner1906Penobscot Bay, ME
Helen ElizaFishing1869Casco Bay, ME
HesperSchooner1930sWiscasset, ME
HestiaSteamer1909Off Grand Manan Island, NB
Humacao *Steamer1885Off Grand Manan Island, NB
Imperial Ship1869Off Grand Manan Island, NB
IrvingtonTug1914Off Owl’s Head, ME50′
Joseph S. Zeman *Schooner1922Off Metinic Island, ME50′
Luther LittleSchooner1930sWiscasset, ME
Lord Ashburton *Barque1857Grand Manan Island, NB
Mary E. OlysSchooner1920Cape Porpoise, ME
MavourneeBarque1866Grand Manan Island, NB90′
NancyBrig1780Portland Head, ME30′
Nottingham *Galley1710Boon Island, ME
NovadocFreighter1947Off Portland, ME400′
Oakey L. AlexanderCollier1947Cape Elizabeth, ME20′
USS PE-56Patrol Boat1945Off Cape Elizabeth, ME
PoliasFreighter1920Off Port Clyde, ME40′
Robert G. Cann *Freighter1946Off Grand Manan Island, NB400′
Royal TarPassenger1836Off Vinalhaven (ME)
USS S-21Submarine1945Off Cape Elizabeth, ME120′
SagamoreFreighter1934Off Prouts Neck, ME40′
Susan P. ThurlowSchooner1897Casco Bay, ME
Turkish EmpireShip1879Off Grand Manan Island, NB
TwilightPassenger1921Moosehead Lake, ME30′
Ulysses *Steamer1878Rockland Harbor, ME
Velma Schooner1900Off Grand Manan Island, NB
WandbyFreighter1921Off Kennebunkport, ME20′
WarwickSteamer1896Off Grand Manan Island, NB
Washington B. ThomasSchooner1903Off Prouts Neck, ME20′

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