My Special Day

Things were back to normal after the “Lesson”, and everyone was working extra hard. Both ships, the M/V Sea Hunter and the M/V Son Worshipper were gleaming. Moods were high and everyone was getting along great. We had been anchored off Provincetown for two days and the only problem was with Mother Nature. She didn’t want to cooperate and we all wanted desperately to get back to the site. To keep spirits high, Greg showed the movie, “The Secret” during lunch. For those who haven’t seen it before, it is based on the belief that anything the mind can conceive, you will achieve. It’s based on the Law of Attraction. It was very motivating for all.

First site you see from the water as you enter Provincetown

I could hardly wait for lunch to be over as I was going into Provincetown for the afternoon to shop. I had been on the ship for about five days working hard, and sharing a room with no privacy. I needed desperately to be on land alone! It was a warm sunny day when we got to the dock. A few of the other crew members were also going ashore. The first thing I noticed was how clean this small town was. Wanting to unwind I decided to go for a long walk off the beaten track, so I headed out of the tourist area up a small hill towards residential homes. The homes were a mixture of colors and eclectic styles. The landscaping was beautiful. You could clearly see the pride that the owners took in their homes. As I walked slowly down the side streets there would be a Bed and Breakfast or a book store strewn into the neighborhood. I love to read, so I headed into one of the bookstore that was in the back of a house. They had rows of old and unique books for sale. I was in heaven as I went up and down the aisle reading the covers. There were so many to choose from, but I finally narrowed it down to three. After paying for them I stepped outside and was hit with the most beautiful aroma of lavender. There was a trellis on the side of the store and it was covered with climbing flowers. It was a treat for my eyes. I absolutely loved Provincetown and was thankful for that beautiful afternoon.
I had recently moved into a new apartment and wanted to find a few knick knacks to remind me of Provincetown. I also wanted to get my daughter and granddaughter a souvenir. After going in and out of a dozen or so shops, I had what I wanted. All the walking reminded me that I was starving, so I headed to nice restaurant for lunch. I had been cooking and cleaning for 19 people, so to sit quietly and be waited on was a huge treat.
After lunch I ran into Greg and Julia. We shared our thoughts of the afternoon and compared trinkets we had purchased. As we were talking we noticed an older gentleman setting up a stand and microphone on the sidewalk. He was dressed in a mini skirt and a flowery blouse. He had red lips and a full face of makeup. This was a town that welcomed all, no matter their sexual preference and he fit right in. We sat for a while and listened to him sing Frank Sinatra tunes. He really wasn’t very good but you could tell he put his heart and soul into it. It was quite comical to watch. After listening to a couple songs, we said our good byes and put some money in his hat.
It was late afternoon and it was time to head back. The other crew members were waiting as we got to the dock. We loaded our bags onto Mini Me. As we headed back to the M/V Sea Hunter everyone took turns telling their unique stories, where to see the best street performer, the best place to eat or to buy this or that. As we got closer to the Sea Hunter, I could see a couple of the crew standing on the stern of the ship waiting our return and to help us safely board. Each day brought new experiences for us (good or bad) but never the less; they were experiences that we shared together. These would be the times we would look back upon with great fondness. This crew had become my extended family.

2 thoughts on “My Special Day

  1. Thank you for all you shared here. As a direct descendant of several generations of P-town’s Azorean American fishermen & captains, as well as a cousin of one of the matriarchs in your wharf photo above, your P-town story is a heartwarming reminder of my own visits. I can’t wait to return there!

    • Thank you so much for reading and so happy I touched upon your place that is dear to you. I really did love our time there and will definitely be going back. I also hope you make it back soon.

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