While In Rome…………

(Continuation from last week’s blog)


Three great guys having some fun.

With the excitement of going out for the evening into Provincetown, I hurried upstairs to find outfits for Gary and Scott. After going through my closet I chose a nice blue and white floral summer dress for Gary. For Scott, I got a black skirt and a teal blue tank top that matched his eyes perfectly. Upon returning downstairs, the guys seemed a bit reluctant when it came time to actually put the clothes on but a night on the town seemed worth it.
While they went into the other room to change, Shaun decided he wanted to go but didn’t want to dress up as a female. Actually that was a good decision, as my clothes would never have fit his size. He was about 6” taller and 50 lbs. heavier. He came up with the idea of being their “boyfriend”. So with another one to get ready, I slicked his hair back with grease and got him to shave his beard into a thin line across his chin. We dressed him in a tight white shirt with collar up and tight jeans.
The guys were dressed and ready to make their appearance in front on the entire crew and cameramen. Of course, we all had our own cameras in hand. We gathered on the deck and one by one they pranced out the galley door. It was a site to see! The dress Gary was wearing had a scoop neck and he was a bit hairy. His chest hairs were showing for about 3” from the top of his chest to the beginning of dress. He noticed my looking at it and he immediately knew what I was thinking. Before I could say a word, he stated loudly, “No, I am not waxing my chest”. So I suggested a white button down shirt that we could knot in the front, and he agreed. I made another last minute change by giving them both a matching head band. Again, they accepted with a smile. Knowing full well they were all straight manly men, they sure were being good sports. Before heading into town, they posed for us to take pictures. Gary was the most shy of the three but with encouragement he finally got into it, knowing it was all in fun. Of course, the rest of the crew was enjoying the fun and the one-liners were coming fast and furious

Gary, Scott and I posing. These guys are the best!

With Mini Me (Sea Hunter’s tender) in the water, we boarded and headed towards town. It was Greg, Gary, Scott, Shaun, Torin (cameraman) and I. The night was warm and we were ready for a fun night out. After being dropped off on the dock we headed to the center of town. The guys wanted a quick drink to relax. Watching Gary walk was an absolute riot. With his pack of cigarettes in one hand his stride was long and wide. He certainly did not walk like a dainty woman. Scott was more in character and was grinning and giggling. Shaun walked in between them as if he was their protector. Greg, Torin and I stayed a distance behind to watch the reactions. As we hit the busy main drag I was ready for anything. But, since P’town is a tolerant place for all, they actually fit in. Most who passed us by either nodded hello or just didn’t notice. This made it a bit easier for the guys to relax and just enjoy the evening. Like most tourist areas, there are barkers in the street trying to steer you to a certain establishment. This town had their share of them. With the suggestion of a friendly young man that was stunningly beautiful, we headed into a small “pleasure store.” As we entered, one of the store clerks who was dressed as a goddess handed us each a glass of wine and a huge welcome. She suggested we take our time and browse and to let her know if we had any questions. Not being very worldly in this area, I must admit there were many items I had no idea what they were used for (I really didn’t want to know). We were chuckling as we each made a guess. It was then that another clerk, also dressed as a goddess, called to all in the store to gather round for a demonstration. I wasn’t sure I wanted to engage but being a bit curious; I decided to go with the others. Now a reminder to all, Scott is a family man with three young children that rarely drinks. He grew up on a small Maine island and I can assure you, there were no shops like this there. As we gathered around the “goddess” with our second glass of wine, I noticed Scott was in the front with eyes wide open. He seemed to be listening to each and every word, as we in the back were whispering jokes to one another. When she finished her speech and demonstration, without a bit of hesitation, Scott raised his hand and stated, “Sign me up”. The rest of us practically fell to the floor laughing. In a million years I never would of thought that would come out of his mouth!

Scott showing off his boa!

We next headed to a local bar to get a drink and do some dancing. It was known as an accepting place for all and a great place to dance. Within a few minutes someone handed both Scott and Gary a long colorful boa. In true trooper form, they wrapped it around their necks with flair. With the music blaring a great dance beat we all headed to the dance floor. As I danced among my brother Greg and Torin, I glanced across the dance floor as Gary and Scott got into the groove. Within a few minutes they had four or five beautiful girls dancing alongside them. When the song ended the girls followed them to their seats. The girls talked and flirted for the next hour or so. The guys were eating it up. They had been in town a couple times prior and couldn’t get a girl to even look their way. Now, sitting there dressed in drag, they had their full attention and offering to hang out for the rest of the evening. Who would have thought that was all it took to get four beautiful women to look their way; definitely not Gary or Scott. All I know for sure was that it was a fun and unforgettable evening and that these guys were the best!

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