2 thoughts on “Precious metal ingots?

  1. Hi Bill,

    A very interesting story and one I’m going to follow.

    If your looking for further investment to progress, please let me know as I might be interested.

    Either way, I wish you the very best of luck.

    Best Regards

  2. Very preliminary ROV contact in 2011. Skilled operation by available equipment with ROV piloting. However, it’s obvious that more effort and equipment is needed to get a look inside the holds of the Port Nicholson. The video and commentary show the difficulty and expense of salvage at that depth along with the need for better equipment & technology to penetrate into the ship where precious metals are alleged to exist in quantity, Bottom line: More funding for deep salvage operations is needed to get inside the ship and bring out the platinum and or other precious metals. This has been accomplished at much greater depths during other salvage/recovery operations. Example: Silver in the North Sea.

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