Knickknacks? Souvenirs?

Place yourself aboard the Port Nicholson on the night of June 16th, 1942. Your either in your bunk or on watch when all of a sudden an explosion occurs that slams the ship sideways with a mighty force. The lights go out as the engine room is flooded from the force of the first torpedo, you are now in pitch black! Imagine how you’d feel! You must get out and up on deck! Just as you try to find your way in the dark another explosion knocks you off your feet! A second torpedo has struck the ship!

The first torpedo killed two men, and two more went down with the ship later.

Anyone who has ever went to sea understands that at any time you may be in the water, fighting for your life. This is a serious thing, not something you take lightly like the reporter from the Bangor Daily News. Read his story here where he uses the word knickknacks and the lawyer uses souvenirs for the historical artifacts recovered from the Port Nicholson. They both treat this like a joke, it is not! People died, and our crew put their lives in danger trying to recover these artifacts! It really makes me sick……..



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