“20 months ago today”

20 months ago today my home was raided at gunpoint.


“Imagine what it feels like to hear someone pounding at your door like they were kicking it in?” Then imagine if you can when you open the door you see automatic rifles and pistols pointed at you. A truly scary event! Well, that’s what happened at my house 20 months ago today. At my door aiming loaded weapons at me, were the Maine State police, the Gorham police, the FBI and the National Archives’ special agents. They ransacked my home and took computers, hard drives, video cameras, CD’s, files, research, and so much more. Was this justified? I say NO! Let’s start at the beginning of the story……..

“And now the real story”

The project started in 2006 when a researcher, Terry Kelly from Australia came to Maine to meet me and my partner, John Hardy Sr. He had with him a hand written ledger that he obtained from a retired archivist of the Bank of England. This ledger had all WWI and WWII bullion wrecks listed. The man had kept this file when he retired from the BOE. The Port Nicholson was sunk by a German U-boat in June of 1942. Was she carrying gold bullion and diamonds? Secret military cargo? This was a start to a project of recovery that had two governments trying to stop us, the press that helped them, spies, sabotage and so much more. “This is my story…..”

(As posted to Treasurenet Forum)



(As posted to Treasurenet Forum)

Using information from the Port Line, the owners of the ship, NOAA, US Navy, and historical records of the attack, we started searching for the Port Nicholson. They all gave the same location of the sinking. After the first few weeks of searching, we knew that the Port Nicholson was not at the location of any of the above reported sites. Surely the US Navy and the other escorts would have known the exact spot the vessels sank, after all they were there when the event happened.

First of all, let’s look at the position of the PN when we found it. There were 5 escort ships surrounding the small convoy when they were attacked. One of the escorts had fired on a U-boat and was behind the convoy as another U-boat attacked the convoy, U87. Now, one would think that of the five military ships in the convoy that they would know where they were attacked and where the two lost ships were when they sunk.  The position they gave was wrong. We found the PN over 9 miles from where they reported it sunk. Why?

convoyConvoy at time of attack


Movement card and NOAA are the official reported sinking sites.

After locating the wreck of the PN, we began to use the Remote Operated Vehicle to map the wreck site and the surrounding debris field. While away from the site due to ROV failure that took about six weeks to complete the repairs, we hired a plane to do flyovers of our site. On one of the flyovers the plane spotted a ship on our site with some sort of gear in the water.


Henry B. Bigelow


Our spotter plane over our site

Our attorney contacted NOAA about this and was told that they were not on our site! This is where they said they were…..The line outside the square is where NOAA says their ship was, but the plane shows otherwise. Why were they over our wreck? And why the denial?









One has to ask a few questions about this.

  • Why was the official sinking location so wrong?
  • Why did NOAA say they were not on our location?

This is chapter 1.

Stay tuned for the next chapter and learn the truth! Coming soon…..

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