Update on last post….

After looking over my last post a few things came to mind that I did not include when I made that post. The first and most important:

No one at Sub Sea Research nor Sea Hunters ever made up or changed any documents on any project ever! We have thousands of documents, thousands of photos and videos, all real! Yes, there were a couple of bogus documents supplied to us from an outside researcher and once we found out that they were bogus we reported it to the court.

We totally believe that there is bullion aboard the Port Nicholson and always have.

We can prove that the press “made up” stories to make us look bad.

And so much more in future posts.


One thought on “Update on last post….

  1. Besides the media shedding an unfavorable twist to your Port Nicholson recovery effort…Do you thing that the US government at first tried to make the ship a “ship that never was” like in my fictionalized account of the Beddington in my book, The Beddington Incident?

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