What if the gold is still aboard the Port Nicholson?

What if all our partners got their share, and questioned the medias story?

What if the press got their story wrong?

What if we were right all along and people actually looked at our evidence?

What if the British wasn’t allowed to file a false claim?

What if we paid taxes on this recovery and Maine made millions from it?

There are so many what if’s! But alas it is not to be at this time. It is hard to believe everyone would rather believe the press who had no access to our data and published their stories on hearsay and propaganda. The British spent well over 1 million dollars trying to stop us from recovering anything from the Port Nicholson. Why not let us waste our money trying to recover her if there was nothing aboard?

To all the partners that believed in this, thank you. We still believe in this! If the good lord is willing, someday we may be able to finish this. Our promise to you, everyone would still get their share!

We have fought a good fight, but the fight is about over. We had a project set up to save the ship and our partners interests, but without the resources and support needed as well as legal issues it has collapsed. This is not how this was supposed to happen.

Who is to blame for this? We will take some of it, but only that we were a bit in-experienced in deep salvage. The state of Maine and the federal government has to take the biggest part for seizing all our data etc almost two years ago and not returning it. We were told by the federal prosecutor that we couldn’t do anything with the ship, so after almost 2 years the shipyard where we have her docked has seized her for back dockage.

If they take us to court we will show our evidence, and we are sure we will be vindicated. But we will have lost everything as well as our partners.

What if we succeeded, or what if we do in the near future?

“If it were easy, everyone would do it!” 




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