The Challenge

I challenge any of the reporters that did any story’s on Sea Hunters to step up and follow us to verify one way or the other if there is gold bullion aboard the Port Nicholson. Not one reporter looked at any of our evidence! Is that fair reporting? Do you really want to know the truth? Wouldn’t the story be better if there was gold aboard?

We found several wooden boxes lying outside the wreck that were to heavy to lift with our remotely operated vehicle (ROV). We tried many times to retrieve one with no results because of the weight. These boxes were identical to these gold bullion boxes recovered from the HMS Edinburgh that was sunk about 6 weeks prior to the Port Nicholson.

We have several hundred hours of video, photos etc of the wreck and surrounding area. These boxes match, so is there gold in ours? Want to find the truth? Do a real story and not one made up by others? Contact us and come along to see what is really aboard!!

3 thoughts on “The Challenge

  1. In all due respect, Greg…If I saw a box(S) of what I thought were gold bars inside down 800 feet in the Atlantic ocean I would find a way to bring that load to the surface… or at least break the box open to bring up one gold bar as evidence and then I’d have all the invested funding to do the full recovery with the proper equipment. Your comment.

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