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Port Nicholson of the Port Line Ltd

The Port Nicholson sunk the first time June 14, 1942, and then again February 4th, 2015. The first time was due to a German submarine or U-Boat. The second time was due to the British and the U.S. Governments.

We are in the process of doing a documentary to fully expose the whole truth of both the sinkings of the Port Nicholson. 72 years, 7 months and 21 days after the first sinking she was sunk again by governments wanting to keep us from revealing the truth of the cargo aboard her.

The documentary will have witness testimony, documents from both the US and Canada as well as archival footage. It will also show via Sea Hunters archival video footage the many attempts to enter the Port Nicholson and retrieve any valuable cargo.

If at all possible we will have video footage of inside the cargo holds of the Port Nicholson. This will “prove one way or the other” whats inside the Port Nicholson! So stay tuned for one of the greatest storys ever told!

Please read this blog and you will see that the British government had no legal claim on the Port Nicholson, but spent well over 1 million dollars trying to stop us in court.


What Kathy and I would be researching at the National Archives in Kew, England.

We invite the press to come along!



  1. I wonder why whatever was inside was not discovered by other than government people.
    Although I’d love to see the “Press” go along, I’m afraid that if it doesn’t involve maligning Donald Trump,
    the Russians, or United Airlines, or if it’s not about psychic cats or dancing bears, the press is not interested.
    Like the so-called “reporter” who threw a shoe at President Bush, so-called “journalists” want to become part
    of the party, instead of impartiality reporting on it.
    I’ve seen many programs on Ancient Aliens, and other paranormal subjects, and they, too, all have an agenda.
    I’ve seen videos in which the Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, and Noah’s Ark have all been found many times,
    And Elvis is alive and living with the Loch Ness monster. So, sadly, I’m afraid that, no mater how truthful you are,
    no matter how important the contents of that ship may be – or its implications – I’m afraid that any efforts you make will be lost among all the lies, half-truths, and just plain nonsense that bombards us today.
    That is a shame.
    I remember the fable about the little boy who cried “Wolf!”

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